About Us

Mmt Tunç Group was founded in 2004 by Abdulkadir Tunç in Alanya to serve our country in the construction industry and to contribute to the contemporary level of our sector by following the latest innovations in technology. Since its establishment, professionalism has been committed to many projects and has gained a respectable place in the industry, with its continued professionalism, innovative mindset, honesty, and especially the ability to use durable materials, labor, and purchase options.

Continuing to implement major engineering projects, our firm continues to be one of the industry’s leading companies with firm management, strong governance, and financial wealth that closely follows the developments in the industry and new demands in the market.

As the MMT Tunç Group family, we have adopted the use of modern management techniques in all commitment and investment projects as a basic policy of completing projects on time, preferring market-proven, quality documented materials, and labor.

In addition, the PARTNERS GROUP, which was established in 2020 under the roof of the MMT Tunç Group, managed to announce its name shortly in the Alanya real estate sector in the field of real estate trading. As the Partners Group, our top priority in our real estate business is win-win with the logic that we are partners with all our customers. It’s a happy exchange with everyone with an honest work system.

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